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The installation in Sofia and surrounding cities happens up to 3 working days after delivery of the product. For other cities and towns – up to 5 working days after delivery. Once you make an order, one of our operators will be in touch to discuss the delivery and installation details.


FIVO offers a filtering system for domestic use in geographical regions of the country where the water is hard (please refer to the map showing different types of water in different regions in Bulgaria), where the hardness of water varies from 11 to 28°dH (German system) or 200 to 500 PPM, measured by a TDS meter. The model FIVO OSMOSIS is a system with 4 different filters, each with its own task in filtration.

The most powerful filter is the third one – membrane REVERSE OSMOSIS. Its extremely fine pores filter particles up to 0,0001 microns in size. The specific thing about the membrane is that in order to remove >99% of harmful substances dissolved in water, the flow of water needs to pass through the membrane at a high pressure. This requires the use of a pump as part of the system, as well as electric supply for the pump.

The other filters’ task is to contribute to the work of the membrane by extending its life and keeping away large particles, such as sand and rust, which could hinder the main job of the membrane: to retain the smaller molecules of the harmful substances, viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms up to 0,0001 microns in size, before the final step done by the post-carbon filter which balances the taste and neutralizes odours.

The device comes with a storage container which stores filtered water and helps the system work more effectively, given the lower speed of filtration from the membrane (the osmosis).


General information:
Size (mm)
Size of packaging (mm)
Net weight
5,6 kg
Gross weight

8,4 kg

7,8 l/ph
Capacity of the container
5 L
Tailored for water supply network with:
Operating pressure
0.1~0.4 Mpa
Operating temperature

4 ~ 38 C˚

Allowable level of chlorine
Allowable turbidity
Allowable hardness
TDS ≤ 350ppm
Filter life:

I filter [SEDIMENTARY– polypropylene]

Up to 6 months
II filter [PRESSED CARBON – active charcoal]
Up to 12 months
III filter [REVERSE OSMOSIS – membrane]
Up to 24 months
IV filter [GRANULATED CARBON– active charcoal]
Up to 12 months
Allowable limits after filtration:
Operating pressure of the system
1~0.4 Mpa / 4~10 ATM
Permeability of the RO membrane
Odour / taste
Visible particles
Absorbed chlorine
Bacteria and viruses


Installation of the device is performed by FIVO’s specialized engineers. The system is usually installed under the sink in the kitchen or near a pipeline. The easiest possible way is to connect the device to the soft link for the cold water, to which an electric branch (triple) and a faucet are added. The water then is led to the entrance of the filtration system, then to the storage container, and finally it goes to the mixer.

ATTENTION! With REVERSE OSMOSIS membrane filtration, the membrane disposes of “dirty” water in the drain. The membrane has an exit section which needs to be connected to the drain under the sink through an additional hose.


After the water is filtered through the system, it is led to the end consumer. There are 3 different ways for this happen, according to your conditions and wishes.

  • The first one is through installation of an additional mixer which is part of the UF system. It is installed at a convenient for the client place near the sink. It is important to note that for this you will need a second hole next to the first mixer. The client may prepare the opening in advance, or it could be done by our technician. For the most common sinks (aluminium or alpaca), the drilling would be easy and hassle-free, and there would be no risk of damaging the sink. In case the sink is made from another type of artificial alloy, technical stone or natural material, the drilling is more complicated and there is a risk of damaging the sink. In these cases, the client accepts the risk and the FIVO team does not claim any responsibility.
  • Another option for the client is to buy combined base mixer which would replace the current kitchen mixer with a new one. It is sold freely in the commercial network, and it is combined because it has two control modules – one is for the water from the water supply network (warm and cold), the other one (smaller of the two) is connected to the water filtration system. In this case, the client decides when they want to use filtered water and when to use regular water.
  • For the third option, it is possible to directly connect the filtered water to the old mixer, without an installation of a second one, or replacement of the old one. A negative result of this option is the lower running water pressure which would present a certain inconvenience if you use the water for washing household utensils, hands etc. This also results in shorter lives of the filters, which would lead to a more frequent replacement.


[PP] SEDIMENTARY FILTER [5µ]removes particles, sludge, sand, rustup to 6 months11 BGNORDER
[C1] PRESSED CARBON BLOCKabsorbs chlorine and chemicalsup to 12 months11 BGNORDER
[C2] GRANULATED CARBON FILTER balances the taste of freshly filtered waterup to 12 months11 BGNORDER
[RO] REVERSE OSMOSIS [0.0001µ] removes all bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, pesticides, and some heavy metals up to 0.0001µ in sizeup to 24 months40 BGNORDER

The filter expense per year is approximately 52 BGN (VAT included).*

As per the client’s wishes, the FIVO team can send a reminder about filter replacements.

*The figures are approximate.

The duration of effective work of each filter depends on the consumption, the type and purity of water in the region, as well as on the condition of the water supply network infrastructure in the region.